Audiences We Serve

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We offer healthcare solutions that make it easier for everyone involved to work together more seamlessly… to serve their patients and each other more securely, more efficiently, and more effectively.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals need to consistently provide the highest quality care in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. By ensuring clinicians have access to the people and information they need — when and how they need it most — DrFirst is uniquely positioned to help them deliver.

Private Practice & Specialty Care

There’s no blueprint for aligning communication between hospitals, payers, private practices, and patients with complex needs – especially when attempting to limit the spread of infectious disease. We understand the challenges this creates, and have developed secure care collaboration and telehealth solutions to help you communicate with the world of extended caregivers.

Emergency Medical Services

Accurate and timely medication information can mean the difference between life or death in emergencies. DrFirst understands what first responders need. That’s why we’ve created data solutions that move as fast as you do.

Pharmacies & PIS Vendors

As one of the most accessible healthcare providers, pharmacists are powerful drivers of both patient and public health. Ever-changing practice and reimbursement models have opened the door for today’s pharmacies to do so much more than dispense drugs.

Medication therapy management, patient education, immunizations, and primary care support are all key functions pharmacists deliver as essential members of patients’ care teams. We’ve built the tools to help you practice and at the top of your license to fulfill and expand on your vital role as healthcare provider.

Life Sciences

Industry pressures on pharmaceutical companies are crushing right now. Payers are evaluating the drugs on their formularies constantly. Pay for performance in value-based care is just as critical to your therapies. Doctors are pressed for time with their patients and have their “go-to” drugs. At the same time, if a medication is perceived not to work, patients will stop taking it. And there’s more. The regulatory environment is pressing hard on pricing models to help patients afford their medications. And new market entry can be complicated further with an FDA REMS requirement.

The days of only focusing on product offerings are long gone. In addition to selling therapies, pharmaceutical companies need to find ways to manage patient health outcomes. That requires a partner that can help you get in front of doctors and patients to provide education, reduce prescription abandonment, offer financial support for patients, help you track efficacy and side effects, and alert providers to clinical research options.

EHR, HIS, & Other Partners

Value-based care is here to stay. Providers expect their EHR/HIS vendor to deliver the tools and data to help them succeed in this new paradigm. DrFirst can simplify the transition through our medication management, medical benefit, and collaboration platforms. We’ll focus on the heavy lift of backend connections while you focus your resources on strategic pursuits.

Payers & PBMs

To thrive in value-based models, payers and their networks need real-time medical benefits, health history and price transparency. DrFirst’s proven 20 year record of innovation enables healthcare’s holy grail: EMR-integrated, real-time clinical and benefit data that speeds care, promotes quality outcomes and reduces cost.

Patients & Caregivers

As a patient, all sorts of care teams are in your orbit. It starts with doctors and nurses, but there is a whole galaxy of others on the team that you may never see – pharmacists, insurance professionals, rehabilitation specialists, and more. At DrFirst, we call that entire system the Healthiverse™.

Our job is to keep your Healthiverse connected and working in harmony to ensure the best care possible. How? By keeping caregivers and patients like you in the center of everything. Take a look at the tools we use to help you stay aware of, and in control of your healthcare decisions.