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Do something you love, work with people you care about, and achieve a healthier work/life harmony. Our remote-first workplace means you can live and work from anywhere. We value our team members and invest in their development through leadership building, mentorship programs, cultural events, awards, book studies, and much more. Our strength comes from the incredible people on our team.

DrFirst pioneers healthcare solutions and services, empowering providers and patients to achieve better health through intelligent medication management. Every day, stakeholders across the healthcare universe rely on us to improve efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing e-prescribing workflows, improving medication history, optimizing clinical data usability, and helping patients start and stay on therapy.

Work From Anywhere

While many companies are calling employees back to the office, we embrace Remote First at DrFirst. It’s more than a policy; it’s our commitment to creating a dynamic and flexible workplace where everyone can thrive, no matter where they log in from.

Our Culture

Our culture is entrepreneurial, team-oriented, collaborative, and fast-paced. If you get excited about stretching yourself in new ways, developing yourself to your fullest potential, and care about working with smart colleagues; we want to talk to you!

Core Values

Learn about the principles that guide us, the foundational elements of why we do things, and how we go about our business.

Join Us

Hear from our team how they are helping us shape a safer, more efficient, and productive future.


“I never seen so many folks willing to take an extra step and work hard with a lot of dedication towards getting the task done. It is the most motivating factor for me and I try to give my best as a result…The hands on experience that you get at DrFirst is amazing. We have to solve challenging problems which put your skills to the test and sharpens them too…There are not many companies where one DBA gets the opportunity to do every aspect of the job in a short period of time.”

Pranay Ravi

Senior DBA|Sysops
“What has struck me most is the CEO’s personal passion for the company and his genuine passion for making a positive impact in the healthcare IT industry. Normally when CEO’s speak it can come across as artificial and forced. With Jim, he gives just a few words and it is simple, genuine, emotional, and it translates. You believe in his vision and through his passion it becomes your vision and inspiration. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an intelligent, hard-working and innovative team.”

Donghong Gao

Principal Engineer
“I’ve been involved in numerous roles and projects that, had I been in another “big” company, I would never have been afforded. It has been a wonderful journey…from the top down they’re always evaluating the skills and abilities of their staff and looking to utilize them in the best way possible. If you’re looking for a place to grow and learn new skills, this is the place to be.”

Seth Terbeek

Management Team
“DrFirst has given me the opportunity to engage in meaningful and challenging work. I am motivated by the drive to improve our support processes and I enjoy coaching support team members on their road to success. Support is on the frontline and we are the face of the company, we work hard every day to provide exceptional service to our customers and resolve issues for improved healthcare outcomes.”

Derek Kuns

Implementation Specialist
“DrFirst is a place where the effort you contribute is returned to you in multiples, professionally and personally. It is a place where you can think big, and if you truly believe in your idea, you have the opportunity to make it reality. It is a place of serious, impactful business that is changing the world. It is a place where, starting at the top of the organization, people truly, genuinely care.”

David Giambarresi

Senior Product Manager
“I love working at DrFirst because of the working relationships, knowledge gained, and the friendly atmosphere that my coworkers and managerial staff display on a regular basis….I love the fact that the CEO of the company (Jim Chen) works closely with his employees here…It has been such a wonderful experience to become a part of an organization that really cares about the healthcare industry as well as the employees.”

Tifonda T. Wilder

Collection Team Lead
“DrFirst is truly a place to grow, and it separates itself from other companies by way of its uniquely ambitious atmosphere. Peers are helpful and excited to do the work that we do on a daily basis, and management is enthusiastically interested in employee development on all levels. I have had access to senior executives, have been able to discuss my career aspirations, and to be subsequently been given opportunities for advancement that I could not have been afforded at other companies. DrFirst is absolutely a company where hard work is recognized.”

Kimberly Salbany

Account Manager, Sr. Partners Program
“Our culture is one of researching, choosing, and using the right tool and resource to get the job done right. We’re very flexible in tools and roles, and we want our team to be happy and healthy. We’re not perfect, but we’re willing to try anything to continuously improve.”

Robert Yates

Development Team
“DrFirst is definitely a company that encourages innovative, new ideas. I have been able to present many new ideas without fear of criticism or being brushed off. If you are creative and driven and looking for a company where you can grow both personally and professionally DrFirst is a place for you.”

Jason Wolohan

Sr. Manager, User Experience and Utilization
“When people ask me why I do what I do, I respond that I have a passion for people and a heart for patient care. It is important to me to work for a company that is rooted in the same belief. DrFirst is that company; we know that our greatest asset is our people. We invest in each other so that we can be stronger together. And together, we are reinventing the healthcare journey! My personal journey at DrFirst started assisting our CEO as his project manager. He took the time to learn about me and my strengths, mentoring me into the role I hold today. His leadership and mentorship has transcended the work environment, and I will forever be grateful that he has shared his wisdom with me so that I may pass it on to others.”

Kara Kline

Product Management Team
“DrFirst is a place where I can walk in and talk to our CEO on a daily basis, where we regularly interact with the President and all members of the executive management team…I am extremely proud of the work I do at DrFirst, and of the company as a whole.”

Mohan Mani

Development Team
“The vision of the company to put health care provider needs first in an ever-changing environment is what this company stands by…I am proud to contribute to their mission and appreciate the opportunity to do so. Knowing that our team yields products that have rippling positive affects for hospitals, providers, and patients is gratifying.”

Darcee Harris

Associate Program Manager
“If you are the kind of person who wants to be a catalyst to change, who is not content with the status quo, and desires to be the leader of the pack, and wants to see your personal contribution make an impact on healthcare every day, then you would be a great fit on the DrFirst team.”
Irene Froehlich - DrFirst

Irene Froehlich

Chief Communications Officer

Do Cool Things That Matter

What does that mean to us? We are in the business of improving patient outcomes, one patient at a time. In the past two decades, our technology resulted in countless incredible patient success stories across the US. That’s why so many of our employees were listeners before they became team members. We are community where you can use your curiosity to propel innovation and inspire others. Begin your story with us!

Our talent community is open to individuals who are currently searching for a job, or are perhaps not ready to make a career move yet but would like us to stay in contact with them. We’re always looking for people with purpose and ambition who can help us unite the Healthiverse!