Real-Time Resources Grow Brands
from Clinical Research to First Fill

Industry pressures on pharmaceutical companies are crushing right now. Payers are evaluating the drugs on their formularies constantly. Pay for performance in value-based care is just as critical to your therapies. Doctors are pressed for time with their patients and have their “go-to” drugs. At the same time, if a medication is perceived not to work, patients will stop taking it. And there’s more. The regulatory environment is pressing hard on pricing models to help patients afford their medications. And new market entry can be complicated further with an FDA REMS requirement.

The days of only focusing on product offerings are long gone. In addition to selling therapies, pharmaceutical companies need to find ways to manage patient health outcomes. That requires a partner that can help you get in front of doctors and patients to provide education, reduce prescription abandonment, offer financial support for patients, help you track efficacy and side effects, and alert providers to clinical research options.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

If patients don’t stick to their treatment plan, the health consequences can be dire.

I need doctors to know that my drug exists when they are making their prescribing decision.

How do we make providers and patients aware of our coupons and discount cards to help keep their costs down?

We need to make sure providers are aware of our research, so we can find more pre-qualified patients to enroll in clinical trials.

Don’t see your challenge? Let us know what it is .

Build brand awareness

with Education, Discounts, and
Reinforcement at the right time

DrFirst’s solution suite for pharma delivers key medication information to doctors and patients at the point of encounter and shortly thereafter. Educational materials about medication, cost-saving resources like coupons, convenient pick-up scheduling, and alerts on clinical research help drive growth in pharmaceutical brands and health outcomes.

  • Price Transparency
  • Medication Adherence
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Messaging
  • Consulting and Reporting

DrFirst helps pharma bring new therapies to market, drive prescription adoption, help manage health outcomes and move the needle on demonstrating brand value.