Challenges We Solve

Helping You Solve Your Biggest Challenges

Since 2000, DrFirst has pioneered healthcare technology solutions and consulting services that securely connect people at every touchpoint of care to improve patient outcomes. Let us help you solve some of the biggest challenges you face today.

Care Coordination & Collaboration

DrFirst’s award-winning Healthcare Collaboration solutions give you the tools you need, including telehealth, to bridge communication gaps and unite patients and extended care teams across healthcare systems and vast distances.

Clinical Research

DrFirst makes it easier to bring new therapies to market and gain deeper insights into real-world patient experience through our solutions that help researchers educate, recruit, and enroll qualified patients for clinical and market research.

Medication Adherence

DrFirst’s real-time solutions for Medication Adherence help patients become more informed, engaged, and efficient stewards of their own health.

Medication History & Reconciliation

Imagine the possibilities if caregivers could put all their focus on their patient’s futures, instead of piecing together their past medications. We help you keep Medication History front and center in the Healthiverse!

Medication Management

Inefficient medication management adds to spiraling healthcare costs and preventable medical errors to the tune of 16.4B annually. DrFirst’s innovative tools help prevent errors by helping doctors to better prescribe and patients to better adhere.

Price Transparency

A proven way to control healthcare costs is by ensuring patients take their medicine as prescribed.
DrFirst tools for price transparency help increase adherence with accurate, timely price information.

Patient Engagement & Telehealth

Healthcare is moving to an era of more patient involvement in their own care. DrFirst is at the forefront of this movement, providing the tools to empower patients to help proactively manage their health.