A Prescription for
Alignment of Care

There’s no blueprint for aligning communication between hospitals, payers, private practices, and patients with complex needs. We understand the challenges this creates, and have developed solutions to help you communicate with the world of extended caregivers.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

To provide long-term care, I need to know when my patients are admitted or discharged from a hospital.

To avoid penalties, I need to comply with state mandates that help prevent potential opioid misuse.

My patients are not following their care plan because they don’t understand the need for their medication and cannot afford their medications.

I’m afraid my patients are missing out on emerging drugs that could benefit them.

Don’t see your challenge? Let us know what it is .

The Tools to Keep You


The DrFirst suite of solutions for Private Practice and Specialty Caregivers enables more comprehensive collaboration, greater price transparency, and more effective medication adherence. Taken all together, it may be the most sophisticated and groundbreaking set of coordinated care tools available anywhere.

DrFirst helps you do what you do best—keep extended care teams working together.

Mobile phone displaying iPerscribe

“The partnership enabled us to certify our EMR on time and on budget. DrFirst pre-certified us with Surescripts and made the e-prescribing part of certification a complete non-issue.”

Jeffrey Carlin | Chief Operating Officer
Bogardus Medical Systems, Inc.

Case Studies

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