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Hospitals need to consistently provide the highest quality care in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. By ensuring clinicians have access to the people and information they need — when and how they need it most — DrFirst is uniquely positioned to help them deliver.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

We want to avoid readmissions resulting from patients not following their treatment plans.

Manual data entry takes time away from patient care and puts our clinical staff at risk for burnout.

Medication history gaps and errors put our patients—and hospital—at risk.

Don’t see your challenge? Let us know what it is .

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Too often, even the best hospitals’ long-term-care plans fall short. A number of hurdles stand in the way of optimal patient outcomes. There remain difficulties in obtaining complete and accurate medication history. Extended care teams fail to communicate, due to a lack of adoption of secure, HIPAA-compliant technologies. In addition, many patients fail to follow their post-discharge care plans.

DrFirst is uniquely qualified to solve all these problems on behalf of hospitals nationwide. We give you the tools to improve collaboration, reduce errors, and decrease costs. Discover why our hospital solution suite is trusted by nearly 1,000 hospitals and acute care facilities every single day.

  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Price Transparency
  • Care Coordination and Telehealth
  • Medication Adherence

DrFirst helps you do what you do best—care for your patients.

Provider Testimonial

“LGH is committed to optimizing clinical and technical workflows that enhance patient safety, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. We have partnered with DrFirst to identify where practices are not in sync with use of technology, document our policies and training materials, and perform regular compliance audits in an effort to mitigate variance and reduce patient risk. Working with DrFirst, we were able to achieve medication reconciliation excellence and demonstrate documented benefits realization.”

Melinda Arnaud, RPh | Informatics Pharmacist
Lafayette General Health

“Backline has made [processes] more efficient and safer for patients, and also cutting out a lot of waste like excessive phone calls or filling out paper work.”

Christy Hoke | Director of Informatics
Catawba Valley Medical Center

Case Studies

Lafayette General Health

Catawba Valley Medical Center

Goshen Health Center


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