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Inefficient medication management adds to spiraling healthcare costs and preventable medical errors to the tune of 16.4B annually. DrFirst’s innovative tools help prevent errors by helping doctors to better prescribe and patients to better adhere.

Keeping the planets aligned in the Healthiverse

True Medication Management is a continuum, not a destination. It needs to be looked after, maintained and even nurtured, throughout the entire Healthiverse in order to achieve success. That requires multiple teams leveraging the same reliable data, while keeping up with any changes that occur in treatment plans. It’s a goal that is too hard to reach for too many caregivers.

According to a Network for Excellence in Health Innovation study, preventable medication errors are currently responsible for:

  • 3.8 M inpatient admissions at a cost of approximately $16.4B annually
  • 3.3 M outpatient visits at a cost of $4.2B annually

DrFirst offers inclusive medication management solutions for doctors and healthcare facilities everywhere. With our tools, prescribers can safely and quickly process renewal requests, manage pending prescriptions, and write new ones faster and easier than ever before.

More accuracy.  More efficiency.  Learn how DrFirst can put you light years ahead. 

Medication Management - DrFirst

Medication Management Solutions

DrFirst provides real-time information for prescribers, providing actionable information at the point of prescription, helping to increase efficiency and drive successful outcomes.

To avoid penalties, I need to comply with state mandates that help prevent potential opioid misuse.

Our e-prescribing solution, Rcopia®, serves over 220,000 healthcare professionals and delivers more than 1 billion medication transactions each year, Rcopia gives providers access to medication history data access, legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing, and patient medication adherence support.

With Rcopia and EPCSGoldSM, doctors can address patient opioid addiction risk by having actionable information at their fingertips. EPCSGold identifies patients who are at risk for opioid addiction and gives doctors the opportunity to take appropriate steps to support them. EPCS streamlines clinical workflows and provides critical security measures designed to help prescribers:

  • Use a Single Workflow for prescribing all medications
  • Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse by making it easy to spot overprescribing
  • Prevent “Doctor Shopping” by making it easy to see a patient’s controlled substance prescriptions from other providers
  • Prevent Prescription Fraud by eliminating paper prescription pads that can be stolen, altered or forged

I need doctors to know that my drug exists when they are making their prescribing decision.

Getting the right messages about your therapy in front of healthcare professionals at the right time is the foundation of DrFirst’s clinical decision support messaging solution.

Through a highly advanced rules-system, DrFirst can deliver a broad range of evidence-based information to providers at various and highly impactful points in the e-prescribing workflow to support diagnosis and treatment selection, adherence and persistency, and brand selection and patient access.

Educational messages can help alert providers to your new therapy or indication as soon as the log into their workflow or provide information on the patient profile page that doctors can share during an office visit to help a patient understand why a specific medication was prescribed.

Financial and Enrollment information like copay cards and HUB Services can help providers and patients work together to ensure prescriptions are affordable and treatment programs will be followed.

DrFirst’s clinical messaging keeps your brand top of mind to increase share of market and drive patient adherence to treatment plans.

Our providers want us to keep them compliant with e-prescribing, EPCS, and PDMP mandates, while also reducing risk, and managing their prescribing process.

Every year, vendors must make dozens of updates to comply with regulations from federal and state governments and private payers. Instead of enhancing their solutions to address user demands and preserve their competitive position in the market, health IT companies are forced to invest significant capital and R&D manpower to satisfy new requirements and mandates. The pressure to support reimbursement, reporting requirements, and updated standards, comes with a high innovation cost.

NCPDP’s SCRIPT17 was one of the latest mandated industry standards. As of January 1, 2020, all electronically submitted prescriptions were required to use a certified and viable e-prescribing solution that complies with the SCRIPT17 standard. Its implementation—which is possibly the largest and most costly mandated prescribing change that health IT companies have ever faced—required yet another heavy lift from EHR development teams.

The New Standard

EHR vendors need to allocate significant human and financial resources to ensure compliance with the SCRIPT17 standard. With more regulatory mandates on the horizon, it’s an ideal time for health IT companies to consider partnering with an e-prescribing expert – and free their limited resources to focus on EHR innovation.

Advantages of Outsourcing E-prescribing

  • Additional resources for innovation
  • Increased focus on core competencies
  • Peace of mind
  • Access to ongoing strategic guidance from our SMEs
  • “First look” at ongoing technology innovations from DrFirst

Rcopia® is a Revolution in e-Medication Management Software

Built on our experience serving over 238,000+ healthcare professionals and delivering more than 1 billion medication transactions, Rcopia ushers in a new era of medication history data access, legend drug e-prescribing, and patient medication adherence support.

Rcopia closes the gaps in gathering medication history for reconciliation and reduces treatment errors by delivering more accurate, more comprehensive medication history data.

Integration Options

DrFirst’s integration platform is built with flexibility and customization in mind. Our platform provides you the options to enhance your capabilities exactly where you need it; this can be the full solution or individualized selections that map to your specific needs. We accomplish this by providing both UI and transaction level integrations and expand those capabilities through 1:1 workflow design guidance based on our 20+ years of industry experience.

Customizable Platform

In addition to technical capabilities, Rcopia4 raises the bar for user interface design, workflow customization, and mobile access. Rcopia4 offers maximum flexibility in designing the desktop experience. You have the freedom to drag-and-drop on-screen modules to customize the layout of your screens and support the preferred workflow, versus adjusting your clients’ workflows to support your software.

Mobile Solution

Securely prescribe, transmit, and manage patient prescriptions no matter where your providers are. iPrescribe® transcends the desktop and puts the power of Rcopia4 onto their iPhone or Android device so they can quickly process renewal requests, manage pending prescriptions, check PDMPs, and write new prescriptions faster and easier than ever before, while remaining compliant.


Bring your system to the leading edge of controlled substance management with EPCSGoldSM 2.0.

Whether you use DrFirst’s Rcopia e-prescribing services within your EMR, have developed your own, or use a third-party legend drug e-prescribing platform, you can go to market faster and with far less cost by adopting the EPCSGold 2.0 solution for electronic prescribing of controlled substance.

Integrating EPCSGold equips EHRs and HIS systems with the most advanced controlled substance e-prescribing capability in the market. EPCSGold enables your providers to write for schedule II through V drugs electronically, easily and seamlessly within their normal workflow, and will help your providers reduce drug abuse, drug diversion and “doctor shopping.”

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

PDMPs are one of the most impactful tools available addressing prescription opioid misuse and abuse and are part of the larger Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) programs.

Most providers are now required to access their state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) before prescribing a scheduled drug. In order to do this, they must go outside of the EHR and log in to the database separately.

EPCSGold Offers PDMP Checks Within the EHR Workflow to:

  • Intervene at the earliest signs of controlled substance misuse
  • Provide better care
  • Meet state regulations
  • Save time

Making Informed Prescribing Decisions

When available at the point of encounter, PDMP information gives prescribers critical information regarding their patients’ controlled substance prescription history. This helps providers distinguish between patients who legitimately need opioid medications for pain treatment and those who may be seeking to misuse these powerful drugs.

EPCSGold is the first Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Surescripts-certified solution for e-prescribing controlled substances with integrated access to state PDMPs.

Using EPCSGold is a safer, faster, and more secure way for providers to comply with state EPCS and PDMP mandates—without ever leaving the e-prescribing workflow.

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