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Value-based care is here to stay. Providers expect their EHR, HIS, and technology vendors to deliver the tools and data to help them succeed.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

DrFirst can simplify the transition through our medication management, medical benefit, and collaboration platforms.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

DrFirst can simplify the transition through our medication management, medical benefit, and collaboration platforms. Don’t see your challenge? Let us know what it is .

Put Your Data to Work: 3 Strategies for EHR Vendors to Build a Data-Driven Business

While the transition to electronic prescribing went a long way toward gathering medication history in the patient record, now it’s time to make use of all that data.

5 Ways APIs Are a Game-Changer for EHR and HIT Vendors

The slow adoption of technology standards in healthcare has resulted in variation that causes data to get stuck in “silos” where it’s inaccessible to other systems.

New Innovations, Better Outcomes, and New Revenue Streams

DrFirst is uniquely positioned to help you achieve product and growth goals. Our expansive network of industry partners, connections, and solutions allow EHRs to offer their customers innovative functionality and improved patient outcomes without charging additional fees. In addition, we help you generate new revenue streams for your business.

Our partnerships with 290 EHRs, 1,500 hospitals, and over 100k providers allows us to work with major stakeholders (Payers, Pharmacies, Pharma, etc…) and deliver untapped features and larger revenue opportunities to EHRs that collaborate with us.


Your Challenges

DrFirst has the team, technology, and connections to help our EHR/HIS partners thrive in a competitive space. With over two decades of expertise developing technology platforms and extensive integration experience, a partnership with DrFirst delivers scalable, innovative solutions, flexible integration and economic options, consultative and regulatory expertise, and unparalleled support.

  • Medication Management
  • Care Collaboration
  • Price Transparency
  • Medication Adherence
  • Clinical Research

DrFirst helps you do what you do best—solve problems for your clients.

Patient Advisor

“We are always looking for innovative ways to drive better results for our customers and their patients – especially as the industry shifts more toward value-based care.…..By adding RxInform to the latest release of athenaOne, we are immediately giving all our providers an automated function within their established prescribing workflows to support better patient outcomes.”

Paul Brient | Chief Product Officer

“DrFirst’s flexible integration options and customized sales and marketing programs made the launch and rollout of telehealth streamlined, effective, and easy on us.”

Patrick Hall | Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

“Our work with DrFirst to expedite connections to PDMPs is part of our ongoing commitment to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation to shape the health care of tomorrow.”

Eva Karp | Senior VP and Chief Clinical and Patient Safety Officer 

“Telehealth is a critical component of our healthcare clients’ response to COVID-19…Our partnership with DrFirst provides clients a proven, quickly deployable solution during the healthcare crisis and beyond.”

Robert Hitchcock, M.D., FACEP | Executive Vice President and General Managers
T-system Inc.

“I’m especially pleased with the clinical value of [Backline] for our customers and their patients…eMDs is committed to giving our customers innovative ways of engaging and empowering their patients with the information they need to live healthier lives.”

Dr. Eric Weidmann | Chief Medical Officer

“Our DrFirst integration is a great value add to our care management platform. Welkin supports innovative healthcare programs, and a piece of that puzzle for many of our clients is having a trusted medication management system. Our built-in integration makes the prescribing process straightforward so our providers can provide streamlined, quality care.”

Michelle Pampin | CEO
Welkin Health