Case Studies

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Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy

Backline® enhanced Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy’s ability to connect with multiple stakeholders – such as patients, providers, payers, and colleagues. Messaging is a critical part of ASTI’s effort to be efficient because it allows the pharmacy’s staff to touch a number of people at any given moment.

Lafayette General Health Improves Patient Safety with System-wide Med Rec Improvements

Before partnering with DrFirst, Lafayette General Health (LGH) struggled with their medication reconciliation process. At a clinical level, they were challenged with lengthy patient medication history interviews, along with phone calls to family, pharmacies, and providers.

Bogardus Medical Systems Adds Award-Winning E-prescribing and Controlled Substance E-prescribing to Achieve MU Certification

Bogardus Medical Systems, Inc. (BMSi) recognized the complexity of building an e-prescribing system for their ONCOCHART EMR system that was compliant with the CMS incentive programs based on the AARA HITECH ACT. Instead of expending the time and efforts needed to build their own system, BMSi set out to find a qualified e-prescribing partner who excelled in three main areas: ease of use for their clients, simple interface for ONCOCHART’s development staff, and a good support reputation.

Four Corners Pharmacy Improves Efficiency with Backline Secure Care Collaboration

A common misperception is that pharmacists spend each day merely filling prescriptions. But nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s pharmacists are an integral part of a patient’s healthcare journey. In addition to dispensing medication, their days revolve around insurance and formulary verification, building out accurate medication histories, and supporting chronic care management. And, they are being asked to do all of this with less, making for very hectic days.