A World of Care,
Revolving Around You

As a patient, all sorts of care teams are in your orbit. It starts with doctors and nurses, but there is a whole galaxy of others on the team that you may never see – pharmacists, insurance professionals, rehabilitation specialists, and more. At DrFirst, we call that entire system the Healthiverse™.

Our job is to keep your Healthiverse connected and working in harmony to ensure the best care possible. How? By keeping caregivers and patients like you in the center of everything. Take a look at the tools we use to help you stay aware of, and in control of your healthcare decisions.

Huddle Health

The free Huddle Health mobile app makes managing care for yourself and those you care for easier. It gathers and protects all your health information in one central location, so you can access it quickly.

You can store all sorts of info in Huddle including:

  • Lists of medications
  • Doctor contact details
  • Medical documents
  • Links to patient portals
  • More

Huddle even allows you to securely share health data with other caregivers (such as family members or hired caretakers). It’s the perfect app to help you stay in control of your medical information.

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Backline is a HIPAA-compliant secure communication tool that allows you to video chat with your care team and share updates, documents, and secure messages. This allows you to stay informed and engaged throughout the care process.

Here are a few tips to make it simple and easy for patients to connect with providers via Telehealth.