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We offer healthcare solutions that make it easier for everyone involved to work together more seamlessly… to serve their patients and each other more securely, more efficiently, and more effectively.

Care Coordination & Telehealth

Coordinating care is a challenge that affects every stakeholder in healthcare. Physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, emergency medical services, insurance companies, patients, their families, and their caretakers all need to collaborate effectively. Care collaboration is even more important during attempts to mitigate infectious disease exposure and transitions of care, where mistakes can be compounded, putting your patients and your organization at risk.

Medication Reconciliation Excellence

Medication reconciliation is not a one-time event; it is a process that reverberates throughout the Healthiverse transitions of care continuum. Improving this process begins with medication history data. Missing and poor-quality data
causes unnecessary delays, while also breeding a lack of trust by clinicians. This is especially true during transitions of care —a critical period where most data errors are compounded—putting your patients and organization at risk.

Medication Management

80% of patients require drug therapy to improve or maintain their health, making medication management integral to achieving better health outcomes. Patient health is improved, and the patient experience enhanced when all providers have the best-available clinical view of their patient. Primary care doctors, specialists, acute care providers, and follow-up care providers need immediate access to accurate patient data and high-value functionality to serve patients at the point of care. And they need to securely share patient information across all of the patient’s providers. Our medication management approach ensures that the right data gets to the proper physician, at the appropriate time to make informed care decisions.

Mobile Applications

In an always-on world, you need tools that are as active as you are. That’s why DrFirst delivers full healthcare mobile solutions so you can securely prescribe, communicate and collaborate from anywhere, with anyone, at any time. It puts the Healthiverse in the palm of your hand, 24/7.

Pharmacy Solutions

Your world is changing. Simply dispensing meds is not enough. And that’s perfectly ok. Because you really want to work at the top of your license, offering clinically relevant services like medication therapy management (MTM) and making sure your patients are starting – and staying – on their medications. Not only will that boost the health and customer satisfaction of your patients, it will build loyalty and bring in more front of store dollars.

Provider Solutions

Whether you are a payer trying to get more member information into the hands of your contracted providers in real-time, a pharmaceutical company wanting to get your brand to be top of mind for prescribers, or a health system working to improve price transparency to your discharge medication process, DrFirst has provider solutions that answer your need. From clinical services to pharmacy needs, at the end of the day, we are all striving for better health outcomes, more market share, highly coordinated care, and patient adherence to treatment plans.