SmartSuite AI:
A Smarter Way to Pharmacy

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Patented AI Cuts Through the Clutter

See how SmartPharmacy safely translates and infers missing data, saving pharmacists time for patient care and reducing the chance of errors.

15M medication records are improved by SmartSuite every day.

SmartPharmacy helps pharmacies protect patient safety and save time by translating, inferring, and normalizing data into consistent formats. This clinically actionable data can then trigger a variety of safety checks, such as allergy and interaction alerts.

Helping Pharmacists Serve Their Patients

Teresa Butler, PharmD, Pharmacist and owner of Rx Shoppe, an independent pharmacy in Oklahoma, embraces new technologies that help her team work smarter, not harder.

Watch the video to see how Teresa and her staff are filling prescriptions more efficiently, spending more time with patients—and getting home earlier.


Edison Awards 2023 – Gold Winner

Edison Awards 2023 – Gold Winner

SmartRenewal won Gold in the prestigious Edison Awards in recognition of the medication management solution’s innovative use of AI to improve efficiency for healthcare providers and safety for patients. For the second consecutive year, the Edison Awards’ panel of independent judges recognized DrFirst’s pioneering use of AI to make clinical workflows more efficient and medication errors less likely.

2023 Retail Excellence Award

2023 Retail Excellence Award

SmartPharmacy won the Drug Store News Retail Excellence Award in the Technology and Automation category. DSN’s REX Awards recognize companies that have made a difference in developing innovative and intelligent solutions.

“We’ve enjoyed working with everyone at DrFirst and appreciated the opportunity to be the first pharmacy practice management vendor to integrate your AI technology. We see the DrFirst SmartSuite services, which include SmartSig, SmartNDC, and SmartScan, as the next wave of the future as we continually seek to help our pharmacy clients maximize their workflow while also ensuring to safeguard patient wellness. We’ve all enjoyed a tremendous learning experience and look forward to the many possibilities to come. Thanks for the opportunity to partner with you!” 

Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer
Speed Script

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Get smarter about medications.

Seamless and automatic drug product matching with unparalleled accuracy between the prescriber’s drug database and your pharmacy system.

Ensure more complete prescriptions by inferring missing sig components and converting 89% of free-text sigs into your pharmacy’s unique nomenclature in milliseconds.

Automated patient check in gives pharmacists more time for clinical consultation and patients more time to shop in your store.

Integrate allergy information from the prescriber directly into your dispensing system to allow earlier triage of any potential issues prior to dispensing newly prescribed medications.