A New Rx For
More Effective Care

As one of the most accessible healthcare providers, pharmacists are powerful drivers of both patient and public health. Ever-changing practice and reimbursement models have opened the door for today’s pharmacies to do so much more than dispense drugs.

Medication therapy management, patient education, immunizations, and primary care support are all key functions pharmacists deliver as essential members of patients’ care teams. We’ve built the tools to help you practice and at the top of your license to fulfill and expand on your vital role as healthcare provider.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

I need a faster, easier way to see if cheaper therapeutic options are available for my customers.

I worry about my patients sticking to their treatment plans. When they don’t pick up their medications or take them as prescribed, I worry about their health, and the health of my bottom line.

Medication costs are soaring and sticker shock is a killer. It can keep my patients from picking up their new meds or get refills. And it can drive my patients to another pharmacy.

The role of my pharmacy is changing rapidly and I need to offer new, clinically relevant services to my patients to bring patients into our pharmacy and build loyalty. I have to make my pharmacy operations more efficient to bring more value to my patients.

Don’t see your challenge? Let us know what it is .

Helping Pharmacies

Help Their Patients

The DrFirst suite of solutions for Pharmacies helps pharmacists collaborate with care team members including doctors and payers, in real-time to speed time to therapy. As well, it reduces sticker shock when customers pick up their medication by helping work with doctors to get patients therapies they can afford. It also reduces the risk of errors from manual intervention on prescriptions. In addition, it provides an efficient means to check on the status of prior authorizations, and makes it easier to access and share med histories with local hospitals and doctors.

DrFirst helps you do what you do best—practice at the top of your license to ensure your patients get the medication and support they need to be their healthiest.

DrFirst for Pharmacies and PIS Vendors