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Enter a New Era of Individual Health Information Exchange

Fill the Information Gaps in Personal Health Histories

Reimbursement models and technology continue to evolve, making healthcare ever more complex and adding a huge administrative burden to providers. And, with each stakeholder seeming to have its own back-end technology, clinicians must log into multiple portals to access time-limited information, adding to frustration, and burnout.

Until now.

DrFirst is breaking through data silos and enhancing the utility of EHRs by working with payers to deliver real-time health histories and member-specific benefit information to clinicians in their clinical workflow.

Sponsored by payers, CareComplete aggregates a longitudinal view of the patient that includes medical and medication histories, benefits information, lab and imaging costs, and in-network referral options. We give this information to practitioners in an intuitive, non-intrusive, actionable way at the point of care, or soon after the patient is engaged in a healthcare episode and is focused on their care.

Current information helps a provider identify less expensive therapies, diagnostic centers with the best outcomes at lower costs, and other valuable information to help remove barriers to care. And, when patients can understand and afford care decisions, they are more likely to adhere to their treatment plans and achieve their best health.

Personalize Healthcare Delivery with Connected Information

Payers are leading the way to a new, interconnected world of healthcare with providers and EHRs to improve outcomes, control the cost of care, and improve the care experience for all stakeholders.

Uniting Payers and Providers

Providers need actionable clinical information at the point of care without having to log into multiple portals outside of their EHR workflow. And you need to enable tools that minimize duplication of effort, improve time to care, and greatly reduce network friction.

CareComplete is a multi-payer clinical platform that delivers member-specific benefit, clinical, price transparency, and prior authorization information in near real-time through a common user experience with a single implementation design. CareComplete was purpose-built for payers, developed in collaboration with UnitedHealthcare, and includes UHC’s Point of Care Assist™ features.


Deliver a Greater Universe of Value

Today’s interoperability and legislative priorities challenge EHRs as never before. Now, you can deliver more value through your EHR/HIS to your provider clients while creating brand loyalty by enriching encounters with actionable data and insights. Imagine a future when physicians look to your EHR for all of the information they need at the point of care, rather than leaving workflow to search other sources. Well, now they can.

With DrFirst’s payer-sponsored CareComplete integration, your customers can access encounter-based clinical data across health plans without altering your unique EHR user experience. Doctors have unprecedented access to real-time actionable patient-specific information, including benefit plan coverage that can help them avoid submitting unnecessary prior authorizations. By presenting this critical information to doctors within their workflow CareComplete eliminates cost, accelerates access to care, and creates revenue for EHR partners while driving end-user satisfaction.

Clinical Information Exchange

  • Payer Health Record
  • Automated attachments
  • CCDA

Administrative Savings

  • Real-time eligibility
  • Prior auth submission
  • Price transparency

A New World of Patient Data at Your Fingertips

Increasingly, providers are expected to deliver better care more quickly while juggling the demands of a multi-payer healthcare environment. Excessive administrative demands create burnout and leave less time to actually practice medicine. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could, within seconds, access benefit information for the patient sitting right in front of you? Well now you can.

CareComplete from DrFirst brings order to healthcare’s data overload by presenting actionable clinical data and actual out-of-pocket costs, and reducing unnecessary prior authorization at the point of care within their EHR clinical workflows.