Complete Medication History, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

MedHx and SmartSuite Improve Medication Reconciliation and Adherence


of our customers spend less time documenting home medication lists1


of our customers improve their ability to reduce ADEs1


of our customers receive more med history data with MedHx1


Local and national data sources deliver complete medication history for your patients.


Deduplicated and easy-to-read information helps your clinicians understand their patients’ medication regimen quickly.


Normalized drug and sig information imported into your EHR workflows reduces manual entry and errors.

Medication History for Your Unique Patient Population

Get the most comprehensive medication history available with our local and national sources. With MedHx:

  • Your pharmacists will save time on medication reconciliation.
  • Your clinicians will have a more complete medication history at the point of care.
  • Your patients will stay safe with less chance of adverse drug events.

Enhance Your EHR with Artificial Intelligence

DrFirst has been using AI to safely translate and infer medication history data since 2015. Our patented AI solutions leverage the power of natural language processing and machine learning to eliminate manual entry, reduce avoidable errors and ADEs, and provide clinicians with data they can trust. By integrating SmartSuite into your EHR, you can:

  • Normalize sig information into consistent terms
  • Translate NDCs between different databases
  • Process free text so it pre-populates into discrete fields
  • Safely infer missing information
  • Convert CCDs from legacy EHRs

Integrate Seamlessly into Your EHR

Workflow enhancements for Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH EHRs upgrade medication reconciliation modules, improve adherence scoring, and support population health management.

Medication History Without 1,000 Clicks

MedHx Companion is a web-based medication history application designed for use with your EHR. Easily find data on more patients, identify opioid abusers, and improve medication adherence with this simple tool.

1: 2020 third-party customer survey by TechValidate