Collaboration. Medical Information.
Exchanged at the Point of Care.

Extraordinary forces are reshaping healthcare delivery today. Telemedicine is the new normal to improve patient access when an office visit isn’t feasible, and value-based care is rewarding collaboration and quality of care over quantity.

DrFirst’s unique vision of connected care enables us to anticipate these changes. Our solutions are purpose-designed by clinicians to bring the Healthiverse together. In fact, DrFirst provides more information at essential points of care than any other single solution provider. And our reach spans more than 90% of insured lives, includes all leading EHRs, and supports more than 100 thousand prescribers.

Our commitment to EHR- and payer-agnostic interoperability helps us drive informed care decisions, improve patient outcomes, increase operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce clinician burnout.


Patients will take medications they can afford. With myBenefitCheck, you can help them get the best price or recommend an affordable therapeutic equivalent to drive first-fills and medication adherence.

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