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80% of patients require drug therapy to improve or maintain their health, making medication management integral to achieving better health outcomes. Patient health is improved, and the patient experience enhanced, when all providers have the best-available medication view of their patient and can easily prescribe the best therapeutic option to achieve desired health outcomes and medication adherence.

Primary care doctors, specialists, acute care providers, and follow-up care clinicians need immediate access to accurate patient medication data and high-value functionality to serve patients at the point of care.

Our end-to-end approach to medication management solutions ensures that the right data gets to the proper physician, at the appropriate time to make informed care decisions. Prescribing therapies that patients can afford and adhere to has never been easier.

Rcopia - E-prescribing DrFirst


Award-winning legend drug electronic prescribing software, with integrated medication history, formulary, drug interaction, and medication adherence functionality.

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Industry’s first two-factor authentication system with DEA-level security to transmit controlled substance prescriptions. And, in-workflow check of state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) databases to identify potential abuse and comply with and automatically document mandated checks.

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Prescribe any drug from wherever you are, with just a few taps on your phone. Includes in-workflow PDMP check, medication history, drug alerts, and more.


Innovative solution set that leverages AI to translate, infer, and normalize data into consistent formats. Once med history is normalized, it is clinically actionable and able to trigger safety checks for drug interactions or allergy alerts as well as match drugs from compendia to pharmacy shelves.


Patients will take medications they can afford. With myBenefitCheck, you can help them get the best price or recommend an affordable therapeutic equivalent to drive first-fills and medication adherence.

MedHx - Med History DrFirst


The broadest source of medication history data currently available anywhere. Use it to support faster, more accurate medication reconciliation.

MedHx - Med History DrFirst


MedHx PRM makes it easy for care managers to identify and intervene with non-adherent patients to get them back on track and reduce overall healthcare utilization.

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Med Rec Excellence Consulting

Our professional services consulting team works with clinical leadership to optimize the efficacy of the medication reconciliation process. The team is comprised of seasoned industry thought leaders who recognize the challenges in collecting, validating, and documenting home medications and the impact it has on completing a quality medication reconciliation. Count on them for high-quality analysis, 100% client satisfaction, and a results-oriented approach to supporting your strategic imperatives.

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Innovative solution that leverages AI to translate, infer, and normalize data into consistent formats. Once med history is normalized, it is clinically actionable and able to trigger safety checks for drug interactions or allergy alerts.


Patients must have timely and appropriate care, prior auth or not. Clinicians need to know if a prior authorization is required for a patient’s medication so that there is no delay in care. Payers and providers must stay connected through their EHRs to exchange the most accurate, real-time prior authorization requirements for medications.

PA Stat e-Prior Authorization for Pharma

Move your therapies forward from initial PA request through approval or appeal so that patients get the medication doctors order. PA Stat supports prescribers by precisely identifying and alerting them to the presence of an initiated or incomplete PA.

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Pharmacy Data Sharing

Prescribers need access to the most comprehensive information currently available for local patients. Adding local independent pharmacy fill data to traditional sources of medication history enriches patient information and give providers the insight they need for informed decision making.

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Clinical Messaging

With so many new drugs coming to market and new indications for existing drugs, it can be difficult for providers to keep up. Pharma brands can stay in front of prescribers and top of mind with DrFirst’s clinical messaging embedded within the e-prescribing workflow at the point of care.

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Every body is different, and no two people will respond to a drug in exactly the same way. Offering services like clinical consultation and pharmacogenomic testing gives you the tools to help your patients get on the right therapy and dose for their genetic make-up. Now that’s clinical relevance.

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