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Formulary Standards Key to E-Prescribing Success [PRINT VERSION]

Formulary Standards Key to E-Prescribing Success [PRINT VERSION]

October 1, 2004

These data are displayed to the physician in a nonintrusive manner that doesn’t slow the physician down when he or she is writing a prescription, says John Bartos, president of DrFirst, a vendor of e prescribing and other electronic systems, which has a pilot program with CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“We display formulary status up front, so the prescriber sees whether a drug is on-formulary or preferred before he or she makes the prescribing decision,” says Bartos. “When a nonformulary drug is chosen, the physician can select from one of the displayed formulary alternatives or click ‘prescribe anyway.’ For deeper levels of information like prior authorization or step-therapy, we’d provide links that the physician could choose to access, or not. We also present an alert if there was a drug or allergy interaction.”