November 3, 2005

2005 Healthcare IT Technology of the Year Award

Award Recipient: DrFirst, Inc.
Award Description and Research Methodology
Before considering the recipient of this Award, the analyst team tracks market participants’ technology innovations through ongoing market research, market interviews and extensive secondary and technology research.
Measurement and Judging Criteria
In addition to the methodology described above, there are specific criteria used to determine the final rankings. The recipient of this Award has excelled based on one or more of the following criteria:
• Degree of technology adoption in industry product lines or strategies
• Potential of technology to become an industry standard or degree of acceptance in the market place
• Impact of technology in terms of shifting market R & D focus
• Recognition by industry participants as to the leadership of a company in this technology.
• Established capabilities of the company to deliver this technology to the market as an innovator
• Market share growth through the successful introduction of information to market
• Dissemination of information of benefits and potential to end users for quick acceptance by the market
• Transition of end users to this technological advancement

Award Recipient: DrFirst, Inc.
Frost & Sullivan confers the 2005 Technology of the Year Award to DrFirst, Inc. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, DrFirst Rcopia is the leading electronic prescribing solution for healthcare professionals. DrFirst Rcopia is an end-to-end electronic prescribing system that manages the prescription writing process electronically by connecting physicians to critical patient information and key healthcare stakeholders at the point of prescribing. Rcopia delivers a patient’s insurance
information, medication history, allergies and pharmacy preferences to physicians at the point of care. In addition to these capabilities, Rcopia® was chosen for its ability to share data between physicians in order to improve continuity of care along with its ability to tightly interface with other systems such as electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management systems (PMS). DrFirst maintains value-add partnerships and alliances, which assist healthcare professionals to fully integrate the product, increasing workflow functionality and the ability to offer a scalable solution for deployment.

A memory-based information application, Rcopia allows the physician to order prescriptions at their practice, hospital, home or points in between. Physicians can use DrFirst Rcopia via the Internet and on handheld devices. True mobility is delivered using Rcopia PDA which allows physicians anytime/anywhere access to patient information and prescription writing functionality whether connected to or disconnected from the Internet.
Over 7,000 preventable medication errors occur each year. Assisting the physician with accuracy, the DrFirst Recopia e-Prescribing product provides physicians with access to ePcorates, the leading drug reference guide in the industry, along with its information on contraindications, adverse reactions, drug interactions, off-label indications and formulary coverage, in an easy-to-use format. Through an integration with its drug database, drug interactions, and allergy interaction information to reduce the incidence of medication erros and adverse drug events, which an result in shorter hospital stays, lower potential for malpractice claims and medical costs, and which can improve patient care through real-time drug/drug and drug/allergy alerts. DrFirst’s total solution is able to offer customers a networked system for electronic prescribing, transcending ad hoc electronic prescription solutions that remain archaic and not well integrated. With healthcare delivery organizations requiring the integration of a myriad of clinical applications and the ability to link pharmacies, payers and physicians, Rcopia is a premiere product for healthcare professionals and organizations


DrFirst understands the idea of total convergence and the need for seamless operations between professional, compliance, pharmacy, and the total healthcare organization. In the current healthcare delivery environment, organizations must seamlessly operate through the use of mobile IT. DrFirst Rcopia for the PDA enhances mobility for the physician and nurse and improves total workflow efficiencies. By allowing a secure wireless capability that links to internal systems and the Sure Scripts electronic prescribing network, which provides connection to local pharmacies, the healthcare professional is able to expedite the prescription to the pharmacy. Through this platform, physicians are able to cut times spent on renewal requests by a minimum of 75 percent. The opportunity cost savings of no longer having a myriad of back and forth phone calls and clarification frees time for physicians, nurses and staff and decreases total costs. Also, in the current environment where healthcare professionals are subject to accelerating time pressures, the increased productivity allows physicians and nurses to continue to focus on patient care.

DrFirst is also able to deliver insurance eligibility information and medication history to providers through their partnership with RxHub, which enables Rcopia to electronically route up-to-date member-level prescription histories and benefit information from the payers in real time. As a result, prescribers can make better-informed decisions at the point of care. DrFirst also provides leading edge secure text messaging platforms for physicians, hospitals and EMR/EHR vendors.

DrFirst is also able to provide its payer partners with the Rcopia Insight reporting tool and consulting services to deliver deep analysis of the actual results of their electronic prescribing adoption programs. This tool allows payers to evaluate success based on the ability of electronic prescribing to enhance patient safety through decreased adverse drug events, increased formulary compliance and improved efficiencies in the prescription writing process. Improvements in these areas are expected to lower healthcare costs while improving the general quality of care.
DrFirst provides the healthcare community with a time saving and logical solution for electronically managing prescriptions. The solutions offer healthcare professionals best in class technology to electronically manage new and renewal prescriptions. Unquestionably, DrFirst Rcopia is leading the evolution of clinical applications that provide social network effects, which increase workflow efficiencies while improving patient care.