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Narrowing the Distance
and Bridging the Gaps

DrFirst helps a world of caregivers fill in the gaps in patient medical history, boosting outcomes higher while lowering costs and inefficiencies.

Aligning the Stars Through More Reliable Data

Care Gaps are the Dark Matter of the Healthiverse. The blank spots that no one can account for. Trying to fill in the gaps is critical for physicians, to better manage their patients, as well as payers. Yet with so much riding on this data—top ratings for payers to attract and retain members, earn bonus dollars, and control costs—serious hurdles stand in the way. Data blocking still impedes the process and full interoperability is light years away.

Too many doctors wait until year-end to devote an inordinate amount of resources and hours identifying and closing gaps to meet the clinical quality standards of tools like the National Center for Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®).

Too may payers spend too many hours and dollars chasing charts every year…even though quality outcomes can be easier to achieve by supporting doctors proactively throughout the year. It all adds up to wasted time, resources, and dollars. Closing the gaps will change everything: increasing revenues, saving time, and most importantly, driving outcomes.

That’s why DrFirst is leveraging our industry-best technology and data to close the gaps…for good.

Challenges - Gaps in Care - DrFirst

Gaps in Care Solutions

DrFirst helps eliminate the annual chart chase and drive quality care by making robust clinical insights about members’ recommended care to providers within clinical workflows.

Our provider networks need real-time access to care gaps in workflow, so member outcomes don’t suffer.

More than 90% of the nation’s health plans use NCQA’s Healthcare Effectiveness and Information Set (HEDIS) as a standard to measure performance of clinical care across 6 domains and 90 measures. CareComplete draws upon DrFirst’s innovative e-prescribing alerts to clinically mirror payer-sponsored content for medical testing, health screening, or any procedure identified to drive better outcomes.