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Formulary Accuracy That’s Out of This World

The best way to satisfy value-based care contracts and achieve improved clinical outcomes? Give providers immediate access to accurate drug formularies based on patient-specific health plan design.

Formulary Accuracy is Achievable. In the Healthiverse.

Formulary design plays a powerful role in helping control healthcare costs while helping direct providers and patients to the right therapy at the right time.

The right strategy can positively support medication adherence, drive treatment efficacy, and increase customer satisfaction with PBM services. In fact, a recent study showed that health plan sponsors were significantly more satisfied with PBMs that were perceived to be fully transparent.

But transparency alone is not enough. Formularies must be accurate at all times or PBMs can risk ramifications.

Medication Management DrFirst

Formulary Compliance Solutions

DrFirst solutions help PBMs deliver greater accuracy and transparency so providers and patients can make more informed healthcare decisions at the point of care.

Our formularies have to be accurate and easily accessible for providers and patients to positively impact care and lower costs.

From contracting lags to payer changes, formularies can become out-of-date quickly. Tools like DrFirst’s CareCompleteSM and myBenefitCheckSM make formulary data available to providers in real-time within their e-prescribing workflow.