Expanding the Realm
of What’s Possible

DrFirst makes it easier to bring new therapies to market and gain deeper insights into real-world patient experience through our solutions that help researchers educate, recruit, and enroll qualified patients for clinical and market research.

Research and Recruitment Benefit the Entire Healthiverse

Research is our best hope for advancing treatments, finding cures for diseases and conditions, and remains the cornerstone to understanding patient experiences. Educating patients and their doctors about local clinical trials, market research opportunities, and FDA mandated REMS programs is more critical than ever. But the struggle to find qualifying patients willing to participate is daunting.

It’s an industry-wide problem that occurs across all types of research…one that DrFirst is helping to solve through our innovative technological solutions and key partnerships with thousands of healthcare providers. We deliver high quality education and recruitment solutions to our clients and research partners for their most important and challenging research projects.

Medication Management Software by DrFirst

Clinical Research Solutions

DrFirst helps get trials off the ground by helping teams recruit and enroll qualified patients, and keep them engaged throughout the process.

I’m afraid my patients are missing out on clinical trial drugs that could benefit them.

Did you know that 80% of clinical trial participants claim that a health care provider’s recommendation was an important factor in their decision to participate in a clinical trial? With healthcare provider support leading to clinical trial recommendations, patients are screened, educated, and referred to local clinical trials, increasing the likelihood of their patients getting access to alternative therapies.

DrFirst provides physicians with clinical trial information at the most crucial time — when the patient is in the physician’s office. As the industry’s leading medication management solution, we offer the unique ability to deliver relevant clinical research details to qualified patient prospects during the physician’s medication management workflow. Real-time, streamlined access to research trials and studies enables providers and patients to make an informed decision on the next steps in care.

We need to make sure providers are aware of our research, so we can find more pre-qualified patients to enroll in clinical trials.

DrFirst partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, clinical research organizations, patient recruitment companies, market research organizations, and a host of other companies to reduce the time and cost involved with finding and communicating with patients for clinical research including trials and risk evaluation and mitigation strategies.

Identification, enrollment, compliance and retention are all critical to launching and finishing a clinical trial. If any of these slips, your clinical trial could be at risk of completing, or worse, the quality of your data could be compromised.

Though the majority of doctors are aware of current trials (94% in Memorial Sloan Kettering study), they are not always sharing the availability of your clinical trial with patients. In fact, 56% of physicians say they only consider a clinical trial as an option for their patients late in the course of treatment, and 28% said they consider a clinical trial a “treatment of last resort.” Just 32% said they discuss clinical trials with their patients at the initiation of treatment.

But when patients were alerted to the availability of a trial, what the study was about and how they could benefit, their overall perception of clinical trials rose from 40% to 60%, and their likelihood of enrolling in a clinical trial jumped from 35% to 44%. In fact, 80% of clinical trial participants claim that a health care provider’s recommendation was an important factor in their decision to participate in a clinical trial.

If the FDA requires a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) for your therapy, DrFirst helps you meet program requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you need to enroll patients in your REMS program, educate providers and patients on the risks of your therapy, or collect and maintain data elements for reporting to the FDA, our technology and deep database of prescribing information helps us communicate with providers and patients to achieve your REMS goals.