Enabling a World of
More Engaged Patients

Healthcare is moving to an era of more patient involvement in their own care.
DrFirst is at the forefront of this movement, providing the tools to empower patients to help proactively manage their health.

Helping Patients Stay Engaged

As we move to a value-based care model, it’s critical for the patient to play a more active role in managing their health. Engaged patients are more likely to follow their treatment and medication plans, which in turn leads to lower hospital readmission rates, lower healthcare costs and of course, healthier patients.

Despite these clear benefits, too many times the best efforts to keep patients engaged are thwarted by poor communication. Verbal instructions are forgotten. Packets of information are misplaced, or disregarded. Electronic resources are stored in unintuitive systems that become the equivalent of digital junk drawers.

DrFirst has developed communication tools that help patients stay active, involved, and engaged with their entire Healthiverse of caregivers. 

Patient Engagement Solutions

DrFirst’s patient engagement solutions help clinicians by communicating the right information to the right patient at the right time – including telehealth video – to promote medication and treatment adherence and improve outcomes.

We need to keep patients engaged with technology that delivers meaningful information directly to them, to drive better adherence and outcomes.

According to an FDA study, 25% of new prescriptions are never filled, in addition, 26% of hospital readmissions are related to non-adherence. The major causes of inaction are financial, clinical, and behavioral in nature. Besides forgetting to take medications or not understanding why or how to take them, many patients fail to adhere to following their care plans because they can’t afford their medications.

Together with our EHR partners, DrFirst’s patient engagement solution is making a big impact in the fight against prescription abandonment. By engaging patients in real-time, recent data show that this engagement technology has reduced prescription abandonment by up to 20%.

Our unique set of services is built into our medication management platform as well as offered via API integration as an enhancement to EHRs who are looking to extend their own patient engagement strategy.

The software solution is proven to increase first-fill rates by engaging patients minutes after their new prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy by tackling the major causes of abandonment:

  • Reducing financial barriers – offering copay assistance for brand or generic drugs
  • Addressing clinical concerns – delivering relevant educational videos and information
  • Minimizing procrastination – providing the ability to schedule the prescription pickup

Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading patient engagement rates, the 98% satisfaction score patients have awarded us, and our continually expanding capabilities to provide even more assistance to patients, enabling them to remain compliant with their medication therapy on an ongoing basis, gain access to additional assistance, and speed the time to therapy.

Engage Patients—and their Families and Caregivers—with Backline

Value-based care, telehealth, and patient engagement aren’t just buzzwords anymore; they are the reality of today’s healthcare environment. Add to that consumerism and the increasing demands of immediate and easy access to providers, and your clients are looking to their EHR vendor for guidance navigating this new paradigm and technology that will help them overcome the challenges it presents.

Backline’s care collaboration platform is a pragmatic solution that allows improved care coordination and communication across clinical teams, patients, and caregivers. Inclusive of videoconferencing and integrated into your system, Backline® will deliver your clients the tools they need to easily engage patients and meet payer and regulatory demands. And, it’s not only a platform that can provide these fundamentals today, but one that will grow with your technology and software solution in the future to address new needs.

Roughly 250,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors, the majority of which are caused by breakdowns in communication. Many organizations still rely on verbal updates, paper forms, unsecure messaging, and siloed systems, all of which contribute to poor clinical communications. This not only puts your client organizations at risk of failing to deliver the high-quality care their patients demand and deserve, but also increases the risk of medical errors, costly delays, and PHI exposure. 

Healthcare is a team effort.

It requires close collaboration between providers in multiple care settings, the patient, their family members or caregivers, and others in the care ecosystem. Unfortunately, for many organizations, outdated methods of communication are a barrier in achieving effective care coordination and patient engagement.

Help your clients increase patient engagement and satisfaction and deliver better care.

Backline secure messaging for healthcare industries meets all HIPAA, HITECH, and Joint Commission requirements. It connects providers in real-time, securely, from any location, to support care in progress and transitions of care. And only Backline features Patient-Centered ChatSM, triggered automatically by your clients, enabling patient care team members—along with the patient—to collaborate instantly and share data, images, files, and other patient-specific information.

Backlines supports:

  • All care settings
  • All medical specialties
  • HIPAA-compliant secure communications– convenient and confident collaboration between internal and external care teams, and patients
  • Telehealth– receive reimbursement for telehealth services provided and improve patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Care transitions– instantly share CCD documents, forms, and images with stakeholders, as well as education materials with patients
  • E-signature capabilities– quickly and easily gather and share required signatures

How can telehealth help me prevent putting my staff and other patients at risk for coronavirus and other infectious diseases?

Both healthcare and government leaders have endorsed telehealth technology as a crucial tool to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The federal government and private U.S health insurers have agreed to extend coronavirus treatment coverage in all their plans, waive co-payment fees for testing, and cover telemedicine for patients to get care without having to leave their homes. Telehealth virtual visits allow clinicians to screen patients who may be infected, without the risk of exposing patients and providers to the virus in their facilities.

Telehealth, Secure Messaging, and More
Backline by DrFirst gives you all the communications capabilities you need to collaborate with your patients (and everyone else involved with their care) remotely. Backline combines telehealth and video conferencing with secure messaging, clinical file sharing, electronic form support, and other award-winning features bundled in a convenient, HIPAA-compliant solution.

Collaborate with the patient, their care team, family members, other providers in real-time.

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