Provider Solutions

Whether you are a payer trying to get more member information into the hands of your contracted providers in real-time, a pharmaceutical company wanting to get your brand to be top of mind for prescribers, or a health system working to improve price transparency to your discharge medication process, DrFirst has provider solutions that answer your need.

From clinical services to pharmacy needs, at the end of the day, we are all striving for better health outcomes, more market share, highly coordinated care, and patient adherence to treatment plans.

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Clinical Messaging

With so many new drugs coming to market and new indications for existing drugs, it can be difficult for providers to keep up. To keep your brands in front of prescribers and top of mind, DrFirst can introduce clinical messaging within the e-prescribing workflow at the right point of care.



Patients must have timely and appropriate care, prior auth or not. Doctors need to know if a prior authorization is required for a member’s clinical service so that there is no delay in care.



Patients will take medications they can afford. With myBenefitCheck, you can help them get the best price or recommend an affordable therapeutic equivalent to drive first-fills and medication adherence.


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