DrFirst and GoHipo Partner to Use Telehealth to Fight High Relapse Rates After Substance Abuse Treatment by Addressing Major Gaps in Post-Inpatient Rehabilitation

March 9, 2020

DrFirst and GoHipo Partner to Use Telehealth to Fight High Relapse Rates After Substance Abuse Treatment by Addressing Major Gaps in Post-Inpatient Rehabilitation

New use of technology will keep patients in recovery connected with their clinical care teams and support networks after discharge.

Rockville, Md., March 9, 2020 – Relapse rates for people recovering from substance abuse are between 40% and 60%, but a new approach to post-discharge care aims to help people beat the odds.

DrFirst and GoHipo are collaborating to keep patients connected with their treatment centers’ care teams using a mobile app for secure messaging and telehealth services.

DrFirst is a pioneer in technology, support, and services that connect people at touchpoints of patient care. GoHipo is a healthcare software and information systems development company that supports continuity of care for addiction treatment.

Nearly 20 million people struggle with substance abuse disorders in the U.S., causing close to 200 deaths each day from drug overdose. High relapse rates point to the need for new ways to support people in recovery. The partnership enables GoHipo’s HipoChat mobile app to provide people in recovery with a new way to support their sobriety. HipoChat offers a supportive social media connection to designated friends, family, and others in recovery. The app is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

After discharge, many patients can struggle to continue their recovery without the close contact of their inpatient clinical teams and the fellow patients in their support groups, according to Doug Denhart, GoHipo’s founder and CEO. He observes it is even more difficult for the many patients who live hundreds or thousands of miles from their residential treatment centers.

“Traditionally, after treatment, patients return home to the same environments and triggers that led them to substance abuse in the first place. We want to use technology in a new way to help clients remain drug-free and sober,” Denhart adds. “Being able to continue care with their clinical teams and stay connected with the friends who helped them through recovery can help clients avoid relapse.”

The new partnership uses DrFirst’s BacklineR technology to power the GoHipo mobile app, providing 24/7 support for people recovering from addiction. Backline’s secure messaging meets HIPAA requirements for protecting private health information. The GoHipo app provides:

  • A One-Touch Trigger button that clients in crisis can use to alert their primary support teams, (such as their sobriety sponsors, therapists, families, friends) if they are in crisis and need urgent support
  • Continuity of care with clients’ entire treatment teams from their residential centers, including physicians and therapists, via HipoChat’s secure telehealth connection
  • Ability to schedule on-line medical assisted treatment (MAT) with their physicians
  • “Always on” access to clients’ patient support teams from the treatment facilities
  • Social media community with clients’ friends and families to help support their sobriety

“This partnership allows an unprecedented level of support for people recovering from addiction,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “Real-time connections for patients, caregivers, and their support community can help them maintain life-changing recovery.”

The collaboration also will enable streamlined workflows for e-prescribing and fully integrated telehealth communications between clinicians and patients.

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