Deliver the data that care managers and clinical quality specialists need to identify non-adherent patients and get them back on track.

MedHxTM Population Risk Management (PRM) Scales Medication Data to Identify At-Risk Patients

Data is a powerful starting point for managing and monitoring medication adherence in groups of high-risk patients. Early consultations with these patients, and keeping them on drug therapy plans, can greatly reduce healthcare costs while keeping patients healthier.


Medication non-adherence costs to the U.S. healthcare system1


Hospitals hit with readmission penalties by CMS in 20192


Cost to health systems per non-adherent patients, per year, who have at least one additional chronic condition3

Taking a Broad View of Medication Adherence
Using MedHx PRM, care managers can prioritize, monitor, and intervene with high-risk patients.

10,000-Foot View

View overall med adherence of multiple groups of high-risk patients.

Ex. Hypertension, Diabetes, Socially Vulnerable

1,000-Foot View

Care providers sort and identify non-adherent patients within that group and intervene accordingly. 

Ex. Hypertension Patients

1-Foot View

Care providers see details about an individual patients medication history and prescription fill patterns to guide a meaningful discussion with the patient.

Ex. John Doe

Provider Testimonial

“As part of our Mobile-Integrated Health Community Paramedicine medication adherence program, we focused on patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We were able to merge Epic Clarity data with MedHx PRM data and calculate first fill rates for new medications. Over a six-month study period, first fill rates increased 8% for CHF patients and increased 14% for COPD patients. We also found medication adherence for our high-risk patient population improved for 60 days after the intervention.”

Olu Sokan, MSPharm, PharmD
Advanced Practice Pharmacist
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Provider Testimonial

“With MedHx PRM, our care managers can identify adherence issues among high-risk patients and intervene with education and changes to help patients get the best effect from these lifesaving drugs.”

Elizabeth Wilbourn, RN, BSN
Care Manager
Stillwater Medical Center

University of Maryland Boosts Prescription First-Fill Rates 20% to 25% With Pharmacist Intervention

Stillwater Medical Center Tackles Medication Adherence for Patients With Diabetes

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1 Annual Reviews Pharmacology and Toxicology (2019).