Optimize Clinical Data in Native EHR Workflows

Clinical-grade AI automatically improves the quality of medication records and frees clinicians from redundant tasks.

Optimize Medication History 

Get more comprehensive, accurate history for medication reconciliation. Then rely on clinical-grade AI to translate free text and safely infer missing prescription instruction (sig) data quickly and efficiently, streamlining medication workflows in a way that frees clinicians from routine tasks.


of sigs translated


fewer clicks and keystrokes

Up to 30

seconds saved per medication

Data Source: Average customer results from DrFirst data

We’re receiving more complete and accurate prescription fill information, which means our staff doesn’t have to manually gather that data and complete those fields.

Donald “Chip” Gerhardt, RPh
Clinical Pharmacy Informatics
WellSpan Health

Ready to radically improve your clinical data?

Accelerate Prescription Renewals 

Quickly confirm and renew prescriptions with fewer clicks and keystrokes. Clinical-grade AI translates medication details and populates them into the correct fields in your EHR, preventing potentially dangerous errors and saving precious time for ambulatory care providers. 

AI Delivers on its Promise 

Keystroke errors could mean the difference between a patient receiving 1.0mg and 10mg of a medication. 

“Now, processing a mountain of electronic renewal requests in an already cluttered inbox can be done in seconds with one click.” 

Jack Cheng, M.D.
Physician Informaticist
Northeast Georgia Health System

Improve Clinical Data During System Migrations 

A standard data migration is a largely manual process that can take months, with clinical staff confirming information line by line. Clinical-grade AI improves legacy EHR data with less manual entry, errors, and overhead so medication data is successfully imported in hours. 


patient records 
converted from 
legacy systems


of meds and sigs 
consumed into the 
Epic EHR


saved per
patient record


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