Medication History in a Heartbeat

Improved Med History for Med Rec in Seconds

Close Gaps in Medication History and Improve Care Delivery

Gathering medication history for reconciliation is a cornerstone of excellent patient care. Gaps in medication history can delay optimal treatment, put patients at risk, and contribute to higher readmission rates.

Creating patient home medication lists by relying on traditional HIS system data feeds, interviewing patients and calling local pharmacies and primary care providers is highly time consuming and often delivers incomplete medication history results.

MedHxSM closes the gaps in gathering medication history for reconciliation and reduces treatment errors by delivering more accurate, more comprehensive medication history data in just seconds. With an easy-to-use workflow, your staff can save as much as 80% of the time they currently spend researching a patient’s medication history, interviewing patients, and calling local pharmacies and primary care providers–time that can be re-invested in diagnosis and care delivery.

Easy to Implement and Use

  • Cloud-based platform delivers rapid implementation
  • Intuitive interface requiring minimal training
  • Pulls complete medication history reports in seconds

MedHx is the Most Robust Medication History Data Source

Searches a rolling 12 months of historic medication history data, including:

  • Surescripts Health Information Network
  • Surescripts-connected PBMs, such as CVS Caremark and Express Scripts
  • Payer and HIE data
  • Surescripts-connected national and regional pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and others
  • DrFirst’s Wide Area Patient Search (WAPS) data
    • 70+ million Rcopia e-prescriptions per year
    • Pharmacy fill data
    • Hosted payer records