Medication History for Your Unique Patient Population

Missing, Incomplete, and Unstructured Data Puts Unnecessary Burden on Providers

69% of Customers Receive More Data From Our Local and National Sources

Find Missing Medication History Data on Your Patients

Local and national sources combine to provide the most comprehensive database of medication history available to clinicians today. The extensive reach of national sources, along with local sources specific to your hospital or health system, provide more data on your patients and better data for your providers. This eliminates error-prone manual entry and unnecessary calls and faxes to pharmacies to confirm accuracy.

“MedHx has been an excellent resource for the ED since it has helped us identify possible medication-related issues for patients when they usually do not know their medications and do not bring accurate lists with them. This has saved us countless hours on the phone with local pharmacies.”

Michelle Adamczyk | Pharmacist
University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center

“DrFirst did a really good job of identifying and onboarding the local pharmacies in our area. We’re now seeing substantially more prescription fills than we saw from our previous vendor, and a lot of those are high-risk meds for patients over 65. We’re getting very close to what I call the ‘holy grail’ of medication history, where every prescription record is at our fingertips.”

Thomas Pickering, PharmD | Administrative Coordinator, Transitions of Care
Cone Health

“We are spending less time reconciling medication histories manually while improving patient safety and outcomes. This is especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic when we are trying to minimize any additional patient risks and protect staff from unnecessary face-to-face exposure.”

Rebecca Sulfridge, PharmD | Clinical Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine
Covenant Healthcare

“MedHx cuts the amount of calls I have to make by 90%. By using MedHx with SmartSig, we are spending less time gathering, confirming, and documenting home medication lists, and have improved our ability to reduce adverse drug events.”

Vinh Nguyen, CPhT | Pharmacy Operations Manager
Boston Medical Center

“MedHx saves time so we don’t have to wait for pharmacies or the doctor’s office to fax medication lists.”

Stephanie Dujoud | Pharmacy Technician
Cullman Regional Medical Center

“LGH is committed to optimizing clinical and technical workflows that enhance patient safety, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Working with DrFirst, we were able to achieve medication reconciliation excellence.”

Melinda Arnaud, Rph | Informatics Pharmacist
Oschner Lafayette General

“MedHx assists in obtaining an accurate medication history especially in times when the patient is obtunded or otherwise unable to participate in a medication reconciliation.”

Jane Han | Pharmacist
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System

Case Studies

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