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Tired of implementing new technology with no way to gauge success? It’s time to stop flying blind and start measuring efficiency and productivity with a clear line-of-sight into your medication management workflows.

Ignite Efficiency & Productivity

Analyze how your clinicians use Fuzion by DrFirstSM and highlight areas for improvement with a dashboard that reveals rates of medication history consultation and automatic importing of data rather than manually entering information.


value realization score (keystrokes saved, phone calls avoided)


of high-risk inpatients have med history consulted


of available prescription meds are imported into the EHR

Data Source: Average customer results from DrFirst data

Ready to radically improve your EHR workflows?

Boost Provider & Patient Experience

A 600-bed academic medical center in Northern California is easing the burden on clinicians and improving safety for patients by automating medication history workflows.  


improvement importing of prescription meds


improvement consulting med history for high-risk inpatients 


keystrokes saved per month

Data Source: DrFirst data (January-August 2023)

Improve Risk Management 

A 500-bed academic medical center in Nevada is focusing on opportunities to reduce adverse drug events (ADEs) for better outcomes among high-risk patient populations.


improvement consulting med history for high-risk ED patients


improvement consulting med history for high-risk inpatients


keystrokes saved per month

Data Source: DrFirst data (April-August 2023)

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