Fuzion by DrFirst Brings Radical Efficiency to Clinical Workflows and   Safeguards Patients from Preventable Errors

October 5, 2023

Fuzion by DrFirst Brings Radical Efficiency to Clinical Workflows and Safeguards Patients from Preventable Errors

Powered by Clinical-Grade AI, Health Tech Platform Offers Flexible Options and Insights to Increase Utilization and Value 

Rockville, Md.—October 5, 2023—As hospitals and health systems face increasingly intense financial and staffing challenges, health tech pioneer DrFirst announced an enterprise-wide software platform that uses clinical-grade AI to streamline clinical workflows such as medication reconciliation and other elements of medication management.  

Fuzion by DrFirst brings together a broad set of capabilities that transforms medication-related processes, relieving staff burden and boosting patient safety and outcomes. With the flexibility to use all or parts of the platform within native Epic electronic health record (EHR) workflows, the clinical-grade AI acts as a co-pilot, working in collaboration with staff to improve the quality of clinical data and deliver game-changing efficiency to overworked clinicians. 

Fuzion by DrFirst radically improves efficiency in three unique ways: 

  • Eliminating the need for manual data entry and its drag on staff productivity and quality of care by optimizing inbound clinical data at the point of care  
  • Igniting adherence by delivering prescription price transparency, providing medication fill data for high-risk populations, and sending patients automated prescription reminders with educational and financial resources  
  • Supercharging value with continuous analytics on medication history workflows and highlighting areas for improvement  

Eliminating Data Gaps and Manual Entry

Clinical-grade AI fills data gaps, giving clinicians easy access to accurate and complete patient information and reducing the risk of adverse drug events and readmissions. 

“We were driven to partner with DrFirst because of their ability to optimize our clinical data and streamline time-consuming healthcare workflows,” said Stacey Johnston, MD, MHA, CHCIO, VP, Chief Application Officer & Epic Program Executive of Baptist Health. “As part of our migration from legacy EHRs to Epic, DrFirst solutions converted more than 9 million sigs [medication instructions] without clinician intervention. A subset of these conversions had no sig provided in third-party data, and the sig was inferred by the AI technology. By avoiding manual conversion of this data, we saved critical time (estimated at more than 19,000 hours) for our clinicians and reduced the likelihood of transcription errors.”   

Baptist Health also integrated other elements of Fuzion that drive medication adherence, including real-time benefit check and patient engagement tools. “We can now provide clinically appropriate and affordable medication options before the patient leaves the exam room and deliver automated messages that offer relevant educational information with financial savings, plus reminders to pick up their prescriptions,” said Dr. Johnston. 

Igniting Population Health Initiatives

Population health initiatives are crucial for health systems, and Fuzion by DrFirst delivers clinically relevant information that makes it easy for healthcare providers to identify patients who may need help to stay on track with their medication therapy. Early intervention with these patients dramatically reduces overall use of healthcare resources and prevents the negative outcomes and costly penalties associated with hospital readmissions. One academic medical center used the population health management capability within the platform to identify and counsel populations of patients who weren’t filling their prescriptions for congestive heart failure, resulting in a 20% improvement in prescription first-fill rates. 

“Major advances like this are key to value-based care initiatives—and impossible without optimized clinical data and the workflows to make that information readily accessible,” said G. Cameron Deemer, CEO of DrFirst. “Many health systems are grappling with rising costs, staffing shortages and burnout, and sicker patients. Accurate and timely patient data is crucial to managing care for high-risk patients so they have better health outcomes and stay out of the hospital.” 

Supercharging Value with Continuous Insights

A dashboard provides continuous insights that include a Value Realization Score, based on utilization that reflects keystrokes saved, fewer calls to primary care providers and local pharmacies to confirm medication history, and opportunities to reduce adverse drug events that contribute to readmissions. Health systems are using the dashboard to monitor and continually improve medication reconciliation workflows, including for high-risk patients and those admitted via the Emergency Department.  

One Northern California academic medical center increased by 42% the number of times staff used the automated feature to import medication history rather than entering the information manually. The same health system saw a 6% increase in staff consulting medication history for high-risk inpatients. 

In April 2023, the clinical-grade AI that powers Fuzion by DrFirst won Gold in the “Efficiency Through AI” category of the prestigious Edison Awards. 


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