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Your world is changing. Simply dispensing meds is not enough. And that’s perfectly ok. Because you really want to work at the top of your license, offering clinically relevant services like medication therapy management (MTM) and making sure your patients are starting – and staying – on their medications. Not only will that boost the health and customer satisfaction of your patients, it will build loyalty and bring in more front of store dollars.

DrFirst has the solutions to help pharmacies continue to evolve into this new role and reach the pinnacle of clinical relevance for your patients.

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Hunting down prior authorizations, clarifying prescription orders, and waiting for callbacks from doctors and payers costs pharmacy time and money and delays treatment for patients. Backline helps pharmacists connect with any member of a patient’s care team in real-time to improve the care experience and timeliness.

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Pharmacies need to make sure they are represented in med history feeds to drive loyalty and revenue, especially when a patient is discharged from the hospital with an updated home medication list. Sharing your medication history ensures that your pharmacy is present and accounted for in front of providers.

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Every body is different, and no two people will respond to a drug in exactly the same way. Offering services like clinical consultation and pharmacogenomic testing gives you the tools to help your patients get on the right therapy and dose for their genetic make-up. Now that’s clinical relevance.

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DrFirst’s patented AI solution helps pharmacies operate more efficiently by increasing the amount of accurate and precise information contained within electronic prescriptions and reducing the labor strain and risk of drug matching, transcribing prescription information, and entering ID card data.

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