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Restoring Order to the Healthiverse
with Med Rec Excellence

Medication reconciliation is not a one-time event;
it is a process that reverberates throughout the Healthiverse transitions of care continuum.
Improving this process begins with medication history data. Missing and poor-quality data

causes unnecessary delays, while also breeding a lack of trust by clinicians.
This is especially true during transitions of care —a critical period where most
data errors are compounded—putting your patients and organization at risk.

DrFirst provides more than software and medication history data feeds.
We provide the most comprehensive and clinically actionable medication history
data available today, enabling you to:

— Reduce the time and resources required to close data gaps

— Decrease manually entered medication data

— Automatically normalize data into consistent formats

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The broadest source of medication history data currently available anywhere. Use it to support faster, more accurate medication reconciliation. 

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Innovative solution that leverages AI to translate, infer, and normalize data into consistent formats. Once med history is normalized, it is clinically actionable and able to trigger safety checks for drug interactions or allergy alerts.

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Pharmacy Data Sharing

Provides prescribers with access to the most comprehensive information currently available for local patients, by adding local independent pharmacy fill data to traditional sources of medication history.

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Medication Reconciliation Excellence Consulting

Our professional services consulting team works with clinical leadership to optimize the efficacy of the medication reconciliation process. The team is comprised of seasoned industry thought leaders who recognize the challenges in collecting, validating, and documenting home medications and the impact it has on completing a quality medication reconciliation. Count on them for high-quality analysis, 100% client satisfaction, and a results-oriented approach to supporting your strategic imperatives.

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Med Rec Excellence can connect
you to the Healthiverse.