DrFirst Overview


Med Adherence with myBenefitCheck


Med Reconciliation – MedHx and SmartSig (1:53)


E-prescribing with Rcopia


Prescribing Made Painless with iPrescribe (1:20)


Care Collaboration and Telehealth with Backline (1:16)


DrFirst Our Clients. Our Solutions. Our Services. Our Mission. (1:16)


Backline HIPAA-Compliant Communication (0:36)


Backline Telehealth In-Depth Webinar (8:20)


Backline Telehealth Visit (1:52)


Backline For Telehealth Pharmacy (2:45)


Backline with Real-Time Medication History (3:25)


Telehealth for Emergency Dept. and Emergency Medical Services (2:22)


Communication Challenges for Emergency Dept. Leaders (2:56)


Backline in the News – KYouTV

Backline in the News – HTV10 News

Backline Telehealth Dr. Banas Interview

Prescription Consumption During Covid-19 – 3WTKR (5:25)

Rcopia – The Ultimate Experience in e-Medication Management (1:21)


Rcopia e-Medication Management


Forging a Pathway for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances


Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy


Goshen Customer Success Story


Catawba Valley Medical Center Testimonial


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