Using Technology to Combat Front-Line Fatigue in the Pharmacy

February 23, 2022


Using Technology to Combat Front-Line Fatigue in the Pharmacy

“The biggest challenge for pharmacists is time,” says Heidi Polek, RPh, Strategic Program Manager at DrFirst.

And she should know.

A pharmacist with more than 30 years of experience in the retail pharmacy sector, pharmaceutical industry, and healthcare technology market, Heidi was interviewed recently by Grace Vinton on the HIT Like a Girl podcast, which celebrates women leaders in health IT.

“Today, the time crunch is amplified due to COVID,” Heidi says. “Pharmacists are on the front line as people are coming into the pharmacy in droves for testing, vaccinations, and questions. Adopting new technology is the best thing we can do to streamline workflows and combat front-line fatigue.”

Listen to this episode to hear Heidi’s advice on how pharmacists can:

  • Ditch the fax machine for more efficient methods of communication
  • Rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce time spent manually entering data
  • Make out-of-pocket costs visible before the patient arrives so you can suggest cost assistance programs or reach out to the provider for alternatives


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