December 6, 2011


The Ease of Medicaid Attestation

In 2011, Medicaid began reimbursing for the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR).  Many providers have been hesitant at installing complete systems and overhauling their entire practices, but there are ways to take advantage of the incentives and the benefits provided by EHR.
Providers who can prove adoption, implementation, upgrading, or Meaningful Use of certified EHR technology may be eligible for up to $63,750 in Medicaid reimbursements if their state has chosen to participate in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
As of now, only 24 states are participating, but many are scheduled to begin in the near future.

Eligible providers must be able to prove they have met Meaningful Use. Simply put, Meaningful Use means that offices are using the technology in a meaningful manner, such as e-prescribing, the exchange of health information and submission of quality clinical measures.  Stage I criteria for Meaningful Use means your EHR system must include the following functionalities:

  • Record Patient Demographics
  • Record Vital Signs and Chart Changes
  • Problem List of Current and Active Diagnoses
  • Maintain Active Medication List
  • Maintain Allergy List
  • Record Smoking Status
  • Clinical Summaries
  • Electronic Copy of Health Information
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Computer provider order entry (CPOE)
  • Drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks
  • Export Patient Summary (CCD/CCR)
  • Clinical decision support and tracking
  • Protect Privacy and Security of Patient Data
  • Report to CMS/States

The systems must also be able to do at least five of the following:

  • Drug Formulary Checks
  • Lab Integration
  • Generate Lists by Condition
  • Summary-of-Care Record
  • Immunization Data to Registries (Required)
  • Patient Reminders
  • Patient Access
  • Perform Medical Reconciliation between Care Settings

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has developed a calculator to help determine if meaningful use has been met.
With modular systems available that can combine to form a qualified system, providers can be selective as to what technology they are adding to their practices.
Choosing Modular
DrFirst’s Rocopia-MUTM is one such modular EHR that can easily transform an office into a qualified candidate to receive incentives.  Meeting all of the requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 1, this modular EHR system is fully certified and will not only qualify for attestation, but will also make for a more efficient work environment.
The low cost system, just around $7 per day, is perfect for the office that may not be ready to make the commitment to a full EHR or have the time or resources devoted to training, but want the opportunity to take advantage of the significant reimbursements available.  It allows the providers to grow their Health IT systems at their own pace, lessening the disruption of the changing technologies.
The money earned through the reimbursements can then be put toward a future upgrade to a fully paperless EHR.  And since DrFirst has partnered with 200 plus EMR/EHR vendors, it’s easy to find the EHR that best fits the needs of your practice.
DrFirst also provides expert assistance with AttestEasyTM.  During the first 90 days of implementation, experts provide monitoring services to help ensure that the modules are being used to their abilities and will qualify for reimbursement.
It’s important to remember that Medicaid does not require providers to satisfy the Medicare requirements to receive the first year of incentive money.  Providers simply have to show proof of purchase to earn their 2011 incentive money.
What are you doing to ensure you are eligible to receive the incentives that are being provided by Medicare and Medicaid?

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