November 10, 2010

Ed Korba

The DrFirst Medication Management Process

Ever since the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published its reports To Err is Human (1999) and The Quality Chasm (2001), the entire hospital industry has been striving to improve patient safety.  One of the major recommendations to come out of the IOM reports is that we use Health Information Technology (HIT) to build and support better systems and processes.  The processes around medication management have been subject to special scrutiny, since many in-hospital deaths have been attributed to preventable medication errors.  As we move to implement better and safer medication practices using HIT, we have to involve clinicians, administrators and technicians in these projects.
When it comes to medication management, the staff of the DrFirst Hospital Consulting team offers a unique methodology to help your hospital make major strides in implementing HIT to manage prescription output, improving process workflow, and transferring our staff’s knowledge to your hospital’s project team. How do we do this?
We offer:

  • Readiness Assessment in building Medication Management
  • MEDITECH “Best Practices” training in building Medication Management
  • MEDITECH “Best Practices” in building Medication Management
  • “Go Live” Consulting Services
  • DRx Alert Hospital DischargeRx Volume and Alert Service

The DrFirst Hospital Services group will review your migration path to HIT implementation for support of the clinical medication processes in your institution.  In addition, we will advise you on the critical paths for involvement of all the clinical and non-clinical participants in this endeavor. Once our study has been completed, we will provide an oral report before leaving your facility.  A more detailed report will arrive within seven days of the DrFirst team leaving your facility.