June 25, 2010


Psychiatrists are Gearing up for E-prescribing Controlled Substances!

Psychiatrists are more eager than ever to get started prescribing controlled substances electronically.  Few specialties will be more affected by this breakthrough, as psychiatrists are known to write a disproportionate amount of Schedule II-V medications.  As a class, they are all heavy prescribers of drugs such as buprenorphine, which is the only  treatment for opiate dependence that has been approved by the FDA to be office-administered.
Their unique situation, combined with the DEA’s previous stance on EPCS,  has caused them to be somewhat reluctant to implement the e-prescribing technology that would show them the tremendous benefits that countless others are already experiencing.  The recent advances made by the DEA to make EPCS a reality has catalyzed their interest, and should prove to eliminate their reluctance all together.
In a recent article published in the Psychiatric Times, DrFirst‘s Peter Kaufman, M.D., explains the steps being taken by both DrFirst, and other industry leaders, to lead the charge for this highly anticipated issue.  DrFirst’s recent debut demonstration of the AHRQ funded EPCS program provides a new sense of hope for psychiatrists – and for the first time, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
We are excited for the near future, and specifically for our ability to provide specialties such as psychiatry with the technology they need to give their patients the highest level of care possible.

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