November 24, 2010


Ontario Physicians Embrace EMR Usage: Will the US Soon Follow?

OntarioMD recently published a survey that shows that physicians in Ontario who are using EMRs are seeing improved patient care and are experiencing better office efficiency.  OntarioMD, a subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, manages the Province’s EMR Adoption Program on behalf of eHealth Ontario, which oversees and funds the Program.
Among the highlights of the 1,750 physician survey for 2010 are:

  • 90% are using EMRs regularly to write and renew prescriptions;
  • 90% are regularly receiving and managing lab results electronically, up from 82% in 2008;
  • 92% are using their EMRs to enter their encounter notes, eliminating the need for paper records;
  • 73% felt they were primarily paperless, up from 60% in 2008.

What about the impact to their practices’ productivity and revenue?

  • In 2010, 84% of physicians reported improved or the same revenues, up from 74% in 2008
  • In 2010, 79% reported improved or the same productivity, up from 62% in 2008.

OntarioMD has been funding and supporting over 5,000 community physicians to adopt EMRs since April 2005.  So while they may have a head start over the United States, there’s no reason to believe that American physicians who adopt an EMR will report significantly different results.
The HITECH Act meaningful use incentive program makes now the best time to consider adopting an EMR in your practice.  DrFirst has partnered with over 130 EMR/EHR vendors who can provide you with the meaningful use solution to best meet your practice needs and specialty.  Click here to view a list of DrFirst Partners.

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