April 14, 2010


Nurses Need Help Minimizing Frustrations!

A recent study conducted by Jackson Healthcare reveals that hospital nurses reported spending one quarter of a 12 hour shift performing redundant non-patient care related tasks such as documenting a patient’s information and medication history in several different locations.
Bob Schlotman, CMO of Jackson Healthcare, states, “Unfortunately, due to the regulatory nature of healthcare, we know that some of these redundancies won’t go away. However, the good news is methodology, in the form of process improvements, and adaptive technology now exists to help minimize and manage these frustrations for our nurses.”

New HIS systems like medication reconciliation can aid in streamlining a patient’s records and help nurses devote more energy to the important things – a patient’s care. Completing a patient’s records quickly and accurately will increase the amount of personal attention the nurses can give to needing patients. Incentive programs such as the ARRA HITECH incentives are quickly approaching and are making now the time for hospitals to adopt Meaningful Use criteria.

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