March 19, 2010


No- DrFirst is NOT Going Out of Business!

Due to the many payer programs that DrFirst did in conjunction with Zix Corp (PocketScripts Users), there have been rumors that DrFirst is closing our doors.
Actually… DrFirst is going strong in our 10th year!
The mix up is understandable, since both companies share many of the same markets due to these sponsored program. In order to help their clients,  Zix has recently released a detailed list of frequently asked questions regarding their exit of the e-prescribing market to ensure that there won’t be any sudden surprises.   This information will allow their current providers plenty of time to select a new electronic prescribing vendor to prevent any gaps in service.
Top 3 Takeaways:

  • PocketScript will be available to licensed users until 12/31/2010, but all requests for patient data must be placed no later than 11/15/2010.
  • All hardware provided as part of a health plan sponsorship can be kept free of charge, and be used with future e-prescribing solutions.
  • To request patient information, providers must contact (866)753-9234 at least 30 days before 11/15/2010

If you are currently using PocketScript and know that you would like to continue electronically prescribing in the years to come, DrFirst has access to all the same formulary information and is offering a special discount to former Zix clients. In addition, we will work with you to transfer over your patient data into our system.
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To view their entire FAQ, visit

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