October 26, 2010

Ed Korba

Launch Your Medication Management Program Faster and for Less with DrFirst

DrFirst recently launched its new hospital consulting group to help hospitals nationwide with implementing medication management programs that meet “meaningful use” requirements.  The group was formed as the result of extensive research that showed hospitals face a six-month or more process to accomplish this with the collaboration of various hospital departments and help from an outside consultant.  DrFirst polled hospitals, physicians, nurses, CIOs, analysts, consultants, and anyone who had input into the medication management process within the hospital confines.  As a result of these findings, DrFirst has developed a solution for hospitals that not only reduces the implementation time but is more cost-effective.
So how is the DrFirst hospital consulting group different?  DrFirst has found a methodology to address the lengthy implementation issue by building a base of expertise and collaboration to decrease the time hospitals spend implementing  medication management.   HCIS “Best Practices” directly from the source are used, while reducing overall costs for the project.
A major contributor to this process is Dr. Caroline Samuels.  Dr. Samuels wrote the workflow chapter for Dr. Jerome Carter’s widely read book, Electronic Health Records: A Guide for Clinicians and Administrators. Dr. Samuels will lead our assessment team with the goal to provide a high level of knowledge and education to hospital upper management.  She will also present experienced-based workflow assessments.
Our next blog will discuss this process.