July 8, 2010


It's a Win!

Congratulations to the The Southeast Michigan ePrescribing Initiative (SEMI) for winning the 2010 Health Information Technology (HIT) Innovation Leadership Award.  SEMI received this honor for driving the adoption and use of the electronic prescribing technology in the state of Michigan.
DrFirst is pleased to be the eprescribing software provider working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan, and Henry Ford Medical Group, and commends SEMI for forging the way in health information technology.  Through December 31, 2009, nearly 5,000 physicians had enrolled in SEMI, and over that time,  more than 18.2 million electronic prescriptions were generated.
An analysis of 12.4 million prescriptions written by SEMI physicians since the program began found the following:

  • A severe or moderate drug-to-drug alert was sent to physicians for more than 3.5 million prescriptions (or 28 percent), resulting in nearly 1 million (or 33 percent) of those prescriptions being changed or canceled by the prescribing doctor;
  • Physicians received nearly 334,000 medication allergy alerts
  • Nearly 1.5 million lists of dispensed prescription histories were downloaded by physicians
  • When a formulary alert was presented, 33 percent of the time the physician changed the prescription to comply with formulary requirements.

Way to go SEMI for leading the way in the adoption and and use of HIT innovation in Michigan!

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