September 21, 2010


Is Your Office Ready to Go Paperless?

Going paperless is a lot easier than you think! The question is not whether to go paperless or not, it is a matter of WHEN! There are many factors to consider when determining whether your practice will be successful at taking the leap to 100% electronic. There are some important questions to honestly ask yourself to avoid rushing into a bad situation down the line.
Here are a few questions to consider.
Am I primarily interested in getting the incentive money?
Am I primarily interested in going 100% electronic, and the incentives are just a nice bonus?
Do I have the upfront capital to invest in an EHR? Or do I need the Federal incentive money to fund my investment?
Do I have the buy-in from my staff to make the switch? Are they tech savvy?
Would my staff benefit from taking a slower, more measured approach to adding technology piece-by-piece into our practice?
Am I prepared to scan in all my patient folders to include in my EHR and devote staff time for EHR training?
Am I far enough along in the process of selecting an EHR, that I won’t miss the 2011 window to meet the requirements?
DrFirst is able to assist you in tailoring a solution for your practice based on your responses!  For example, Rcopia-MU, can quickly and inexpensively help you achieve Meaningful Use requirements and obtain incentive money for your practice. DrFirst guarantees that all eligible physicians who use Rcopia-MU will meet Meaningful Use requirements. This enables you to convert to a fully paperless practice at your own pace and receive incentive money that can help you fund your eventual transition to an EHR.
Learn more or sign up to see a webinar! If you are ready to take the step to an EHR, DrFirst is partnered with over 115 vendors, of which we are sure one will be the right fit for your practice!

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