April 15, 2010


iPhone + eRx= Awesome

Beginning as the cool and trendy phone for the tech savvy crowd and evolving to being seen in the hands of everyone from middle schoolers to grandparents, the iPhone’s true market potential has become evident. The iPhone’s potential in healthcare was initially realized by individual doctors, nurses and small practices that used simple applications to make day-to-day tasks easier. Applications such as Epocrates are popular because of its easy to access information.
The value that these first users realized and the constant improvements made to enhance the iPhone’s operating system have set the tone for tomorrow’s handheld medical tools. Apple has recently included new features that are specifically enticing to the medical community and that have given the iPhone a distinct competitive advantage in the medical world.

Here at DrFirst, we created a “mini” web-version of our award-winning healthcare IT vendors to satisfy these requests with new products and applications to keep the momentum behind this demand, and ensure that the providers of our country have what they need to provide the utmost care to their patients.
Physicians should anticipate a new round of medical applications for the iPhone and iPad soon. Keep a close eye on DrFirst – who knows what is on the horizon…
Learn more about DrFirst’s current iPhone capabilities at

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