September 30, 2010


Graduating from MU University and Some Final Thoughts

Over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve reviewed a variety of facets concerning Meaningful Use and what it all means to many medical practices in the United States.
In short we now know:

  • Beginning next year, eligible physicians who see Medicare and/or Medicaid patients will be compensated from $44,000 to $65,000 over a 5-year term for fulfilling defined ‘Meaningful Use’ criteria.
  • Patient registries are critical as they fulfill many of the main components of the Meaningful Use requirements with their ability to take compiled data and provide alerts and decision support; and because they are a stable source for data mining.
  •  The primary means of demonstrating Meaningful Use will be via an attestation through a secure CMS website.
  •  There are 15 Meaningful Use requirements as well as 5 menu items (which include the required Immunizations data to registries) that must be met.
  • There are many questions to consider when contemplating going paperless.
  • Stage 2 promises to bring more aggressive requirements.

Knowledge is power and we hope that the MU101 blog series has been helpful in guiding you through this groundbreaking incentive program which promises to help physicians get back to being doctors first and benefits patients with continuity of care.

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