June 1, 2010


Emdeon to DEA: Issue interim rule to enable immediate e-prescribing of controlled substances

DrFirst agrees with Emdeon regarding support for the proposed security standards and recommendation that the DEA consider interim solutions that would permit immediate implementation once the final rule becomes effective on June 1st. Emdeon noted in their comments that they believe the industry will take a significant amount of time to adopt and implement formal standards that address all parts of the final rule and suggests the DEA consider interim guidelines to support adoption variances that would permit quicker adoption in the meantime.
“Security and data integrity are the most important factors driving the future success of e-prescribing of controlled substances,” said Rick Sage, VP clinical services for Emdeon, who has led the company’s participation in the MDPH research project. “Working in conjunction with our partners in the MDPH project, we successfully implemented a workable solution for electronic data transmission security. While the Interim Final Rule mandates some specific requirements that differ from the MDPH project, there are certainly enough similarities that will enable Emdeon to readily assist our partners in implementing and complying with the final rule.”
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