October 20, 2010

Ed Korba

DrFirst Introduces Hospital Consulting Services for Medication Management

Hospitals today are short-staffed, underfunded, and mired in “must-do” projects that can take huge amounts of time to complete due to complexity and collaboration. Medication management is one of those projects.  It impacts the patient entering the hospital and lingers after the patient is home recovering.  Hospitals are focused on how to make patients well, and often don’t have time to embark on large-scale projects while also implementing technology solutions and supporting strong clinician/administrative teamwork.  In addition, hospitals need to ensure they are preventing future problems and limiting financial obligations while promoting patient safety.
After conducting empirical research with hospitals across the United States, DrFirst recognized the need to offer reasonably priced consulting services focused on helping hospitals  swiftly achieve Meaningful Use objectives through medication management for their enterprise. The DrFirst Hospital Services Group is focused on this goal with a desire to help hospitals reduce costs and find effective methods to improve efficiency.
As the nation’s leader in providing medical history and e-prescribing to the healthcare industry, DrFirst is pleased to introduce our Hospital Services Group. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about each of our consultants and the services they can provide.