June 1, 2010


DrFirst Demonstrates the Nation’s First Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) system at AHRQ on June 3, 2010

Today marks a major milestone in healthcare IT history.  The DEA has officially lifted the restrictions against the use of electronic prescribing for controlled substances (schedule II – schedule V), which have been the single greatest barrier to e-prescribing adoption over the last 10 years.  DrFirst is proud to announce that on Thursday, June 3rd, it will herald this new era in e-prescribing with a public demonstration of the nation’s first end-to-end electronic controlled substance prescribing system at the 2010 AHRQ Annual Health IT Grantee and Contractor meeting in Washington, DC.  This system has been operational in Berkshire County, MA since September 14, 2009.
Now that EPCS is legal, per the DEA IFR, the HIT industry must catch up on implementation of compliant systems. Dr. Thomas Sullivan, past president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, will be presenting the nation’s first functional EPCS system by DrFirst at the 9:15-10:30am AHRQ Annual Meeting session entitled “Session 1.6 Demonstration of Electronic Prescribing.” Following the demonstration at AHRQ, DrFirst will publically release information on the foundation technology behind its working system. This will include a brief video of the demonstration and a discussion of the technology located at: