DrFirst Brings Holograms to Telehealth

April 1, 2022


DrFirst Brings Holograms to Telehealth

DrFirst continues to shake up the health tech sector, this time with a cutting-edge holographic physician projection device. The new tech—iHOP—or Instant Holographic On-Site Physician, is the latest addition to DrFirst’s award-winning Backline care collaboration and telehealth platform. With iHOP, physicians can literally “hop” into their patients’ living rooms, and even into EMS ambulances, via hologram projection technology.


IMPORTANT: iHOP(e) you realize it’s April Fools’ Day.

“April Fools’ Day has become an opportunity for businesses to let more of their personality shine through to entertain and engage their customers,” said Irene Froelich, Chief Communications Officer for DrFirst. “While healthcare tends to be more conservative and slower to participate in trends, DrFirst makes the most of these moments to connect with our customers in ways that make us all smile.”

In addition to April Fools’ Day fun, DrFirst has a long history of sharing a laugh with its customers, such as offering a pumpkin spice option in the Fall, frightful Halloween videos, and partnering with ZDoggMD on a three-part Doc Vader satire about how slow the healthcare industry can be in adopting new technology.

Kidding aside, Backline by DrFirst is an award-winning care collaboration platform that includes telehealth, is fully HIPAA-compliant, and is used by healthcare providers in all settings, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, mental health practices, and emergency medical services. The app is user-friendly for people who are not tech-savvy or are unfamiliar with video conferencing and allows clinicians to securely share documents, forms, images, and e-signatures.

Check out our 2021 April Fools’ Day video, here, as well as our three-part Doc Vader video series with ZDoggMD at the links below.

The Pager Menace, Starring Doc Vader (A “Burned Out” Doctor…Literally)

Doc Vader, Episode II: The Clone Wards

Doc Vader, Episode III: Revenge of the Fax

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